Fortis Culture

Organizational culture is the collective behaviour of humans who are part of an organization.

Did you know?

That organizational culture is shared beliefs, values and assumptions held by members of an organization?

That organizational culture is visible in the way that work gets done on a day-today basis?

That organizational culture is evident in the behaviour of individuals and groups?

That organizational culture is amplified by the behaviour of leaders?

That organizational culture is embedded in a network of organizational practices?.

 Fortis Value

Value is….

Value is something that is prized or esteemed, it is belief in what (conviction that something is true) is best or good for the organization and what should or ought to happen.

The value set in an organization is recognized at top level or shared throughout the system. In Fortis , our values are principles and standards we adhere to which is professionalism and excellent customer service .

Fortis Core Value

F Flexibility

O Opportunity

R Responsiveness

T Trust

I Innovation

S Sustainability

 Fortis Working Ethics

Ethics are principles which outline moral values and rules. A workplace consists of individuals from diverse background which can hamper productivity.

Understanding Ethics in the work place is of utmost importance.

Ethics are founded on the framework of Honesty, Respect, Professionalism and Setting boundaries.

At Fortis, we conduct our work professionally and understand that time is money. Thus,

We believe that Impossibility is nothing; every goal must be achieved

We work with a Keen Sense of Purpose and Absolute Urgency

We work with Integrity and do not condone indiscipline

We acknowledge and reward demonstrated discipline

We have passion for the job, Punctuality to work Obtain Results

We sanction all acts of indiscipline at work – absenteeism, lateness to work, misbehavior, bad language and all exceptions to Fortis Values.

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