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Fortis Microfinance Bank Plc offers numerous products and Loan Such as .

Fortis Executive Savings
Fortis Executive Savings Account is a hybrid account. The account has the benefits of a current and savings account.The primary focus of FESA is on existing small businesses and individuals who want to grow their income streams.
With this account, Individuals can operate transaction accounts at no cost and have easy access to overdraft to expand their business by purchasing more stocks within a short term.
Interest rate is 1% P.A above regular savings account.
However, customers that make more than three withdrawals in a month forfeit their book interest.
Fortis offers cash pick up services at customer's business location, and access to speedy credit facility on current account to enable customer fund business expansion needs based on FESA turnover.
The client receives free electronic monthly statement or a hard copy delivery on request, can pay in cheques/MCs/dividend warrants into account and is able to make 3rd party payments.
Fortis also provides these clients with a customized Debit Card, free Fortis Mobile Money account and free Business Advisory services

Fortis Young Star Savings Account
Fortis Young Stars Account allows parents to save on behalf of their children aged between 0 and 18 years.
The account requires a minimum participation period of one year with a minimum monthly contribution of ₦5,000.
This account offers higher interest rate than the regular savings account and allows the payment of dividend warrants into the account.
The children are also entitled to attend the Fortis Young Stars Summer Camp and receive certificates.
In addition, Fortis offers 100% interest on accounts with no withdrawals in a year and with balances over ₦100,000, while the top 3 savers receive special birthday packages

Fortis Better Tomorow Account
Fortis Better Tomorrow Account is a target plan savings account offering aimed at both existing and prospective customers of the Bank and provides the follow features;
1. Daily/Weekly/Monthly specified collection plan.
2. Initial account opening balance of N3,000
3. Minimum account balance of N3,000
4. Offers only one free withdrawal within a quarter and not more than 50% of current account balance.
5. Opportunity to win valuable gift items at the end of the plan period.
6. Higher interest rate paid monthly on the following bases;
< N100,000 – 5% per annum
> N100,000 – 7% per annum
> N500,000 – 9% per annum

Fortis savings Account
FORSA – Fortis Savings Accounts is the MFB’s regular savings account tailored to serve MSMEs and Individuals.
The account has an opening balance of₦1,000 and minimum balance of ₦500, providing customers with access to micro loans, cash pick up services to encourage regular deposits, one free monthly statement on request, customised debit card and eligibility for monthly draws on promotions.

Fortis Individual Current Account
Fortis Individual Current Account is one of the bank’s current account designed for individuals/businesses owned and operated either under their personal names or partnerships.
Opening balance of N 5,000 (Individual),
Access to loans.
Third Part Transactions.
Access to electronic banking channels .
Access to Loan Facilities.
No Minimum Balances.

Fortis Corporate Account
Fortis Corporate Account is one of the current account designated for Corporate Bodies such as Limited Liability Companies, Registered Business names and NGOs.
Opening balance of N 5,000 (Individual),
Access to loans.
Third Part Transactions
Access to electronic banking channels
Access to Loan Facilities
No Minimum Balances

Fortis Cooperative Movement
Fortis Cooperative Movement Account. The following represent its features:
Opening balance of N5,000
Access to the Fortis Food programme for members.
Attractive call and fixed deposit rates.
MOU will be signed with Fortis.
Access to Fortis Academy capacity building programme and advisory services.

Fortis Business Xtra
Fortis Business xtra is a Hybrid account designed to cater for growing business.
Its features include :
Free COT for monthly transactions below N5 million
Monthly fee of N950
Insurance fee of N100 monthly
Access to collateral free loan of up to N1 Million
Free business advisory services
1% discount on upfront fee after triple successful borrowing and repayment
Access to electronic banking channels.

 Fortis Loan Products

This product offers credit facilities to salary earners in Public and private sector with sustainable going concern.
The product is targeted at salary earners. They shall be appraised on the basis on their monthly salary.
This is a type of loan that is given to school owners that are seeking expansion and also want to buy materials.
All shops owners engaged in buying and selling of goods ranges from auto spare parts, building materials, Fast moving consumable goods, electronics, electrical parts, filling stations, supermarket, eateries, bar and non-contraband goods.etc.

This product is targeted at parents and gardian who are willing to sponsor a child or children educational career.

This loan product enables the benefactors to pay their shop rent.

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